Cliffhanger (CH2)

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You guys asked for it, and here it is! The 2020 Cliffhanger is designed to have the best features of the CK1 combined with the front end style of the Cliffhanger to make one ultimate chassis.

These diy kits are laser coped and mandrel bent using state of the art CNC machines giving you perfect fitup and assembly.  The main frame is constructed out of 1.75″ x .120″ DOM while the inner bracing is made up of 1.5″ x .095″ DOM to save weight in the chassis.

The chassis is designed to be very universal with several options for suspension bracketry for standard axles or portals axles as well as different engine combinations.  Each chassis comes with support setting up the suspension geometry to ensure its going to out perform the competition. There are lots of options available from us welding out the chassis for you, to building a roller with your compatible parts, to turn key buggies.

For questions about your project,  or to order any additional bracketry or available options contact

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