BFR-PDL-05-RMC Reverse swing brake and throttle pedal for use with our remote Dual MC bracket

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Put some style into your foot controls with matched Throttle and brake pedals!
The BFR-PDL-05-RMC kit is a reverse swing style brake and throttle pedal set for use with our Remote Dual MC bracket.
Made from layered steel sides with a 3D printed core, they pivot on oiled bronze bushings,
offer pedal ratios that adjust from 5.25:1 – 6:1, and return springs to assist with pedal feel. Combined with the BFR-RDMC bracket you can ramp your pedal ratio all the way to 9:1 for the power you need with big brake kits and manual brakes.

Our throttle pedal is designed to work with Lokar style universal throttle cables, or can be set up for Drive by Wire applications by adding the BFR-DBW kit.

Its unique design also gives DBW users a solution for the kickdown and detent cables to hook directly to the pedal when mismatching older transmissions and modern DBW engine choices.

For specs and technical drawings CLICK HERE

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