BFR-RDMC Remote Dual MC mount

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This Remote Master cylinder mount will set you up with dual master cylinders to separate your front and rear brakes and give you bias adjustment.

Its unique design allows the opportunity to also multiply your pedal ratio with options for 1:1, 1.25:1, and 1.5: ratios to the pedal output.  Combined with our pedal setup you’ll have a range from 5.25:1 – 9:1 to allow the ultimate in adjustments to get the pressures you need with manual brakes and large caliper kits.

The bracket has 60 degree mounts and 90 degree mounts for your MCs for a variety of mounting options.  Its typically connected to your pedal assembly by a small linkage.

* Use with pedal assemblies ending with BFR-PDL-**-RMC
** BFR-RDMC-Bracket available to help mount to 1.75″ tube
***MCs not included

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