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$2,500.00 $2,400.00

For all you beer drinking, budget oriented, ball busters.. I put together a cheaper trail version of the CH2 chassis to help get you guys in the woods with some money left over for gas and beer.
Here’s the main points on how its different from the CH2.
48″ wide chassis.
Straight rub rails left open at end to be able to sleeve with AL.
Front end is revised for 2.5 series shocks to be easier to mount.
Front end allows shock room for axles as narrow as 55″ WMS.
3″ more room in the passenger compartment for your legs.
2″ more head room.
Open sides for easy access trail wheeling
Open chassis core to fit any engine combo you can imagine.
Bracing will be user supplied to keep options open and cost down.
no jig necessary to assemble.

I will not be offering anything for this chassis other than basic suspension brackets. This is a true, DIY kit that’s aimed to save you money.

Shipping on these kits run a flat rate of $200 to your closest shipping dock anywhere in the lower 48 US.  You will have to drive to your local dock to pick it up to avoid higher shipping fees.

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